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423 Beckman Coulter Industry Sector: Health Care→

Categories Score Industry Sector Ranking Top 500 Ranking
Trucost Data. CDP Data.*Company Reported.
Green Score 63.26 20th 423rd
Environmental Impact Score 53.20 22nd 235th
Greenhouse Gas Emissions ND    
Greenhouse Gas Emissions/Revenue leafleafleafleaf    
Water Usage/Revenue leafleafleaf    
Solid Waste Disposed/Revenue leafleafleafleaf    
Acid Rain Emissions/Revenue leafleafleafleaf    
Toxic Emissions leafleafleafleafleaf    
Toxic Emissions/Revenue leafleafleafleafleaf    
Green Policies And Performance Score 16.75 18th 452nd
Climate Change Policies And Performance leaf    
Pollution Policies And Performance leafleaf    
Product Impact leafleaf    
Environmental Stewardship leafleafleaf    
Management Of Environmental Issues leafleaf    
Reputation Survey Score 27.30 22nd 367th

* Due to a miscalculation, the Green Rankings significantly overstated ConAgra’s Water Use, thus giving it an incorrect Environmental Impact Score and Green Score. ConAgra should have been ranked 342 overall. ConAgra’s Environmental Impact Score and Green Score are not directly comparable to other company scores due to the miscalculation previously noted. We regret the error.

Resource Providers:

  • KLD Logo

    KLD Research & Analytics, Inc., an independent investment research firm, served as lead data consultant and calculated the rankings It was also responsible for generating the Green Policies and Performance section of the rankings. KLD analyzes environmental, social and governance data on companies worldwide.

  • TruCost Logo

    Trucost, a leading international environmental data firm, specializes in quantitative performance measurement and management. The Environmental Impact Score in the rankings is based on its global database.

  • Corporate Register Logo conducted the Reputation Survey for the green rankings. Based in London, it is the world’s largest online directory of company-issued social responsibility, sustainability and environment reports.

  • ASAP Media Logo

    ASAP Media, founded by journalists/editors Peter Bernstein ( and Annalyn Swan (, served as Newsweek’s editorial partner, initiating and coordinating the green rankings project. ASAP Media specializes in creating magazine, book and web content.

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